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Green Wardrobe

During this project each dress was photographed at its freshest and this is a composite image of all 21 of them. They never appeared that way in the installation of course because they were all created on different days over 2 months. This composite represents a true green wardrobe!

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Dawn in the trees

One dress will be kept outside for a year in Dawn’s garden and it’s seasonal changes will be documented

Wear it and Compost it- is not just a snappy tag line for this series, the dresses will indeed be turned into compost. Seen here is the pile of organic materials from the garments that will help other plants grow someday.

Barbara, still beautiful. A metaphor for accepting our own aging process

21 dresses weathering in the garden

The ensemble of 21 dresses weathering gracefully in the garden. The summer and fall were quite warm with a lot of sunshine, so the dresses dried well but then the weather turned and we had heavy rains. Most of the dresses still held up and some of them even started to sprout new growth!

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