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21 Dresses Installed

21 dresses installed at VanDusen Botanical Garden

The project began in July and 21 dresses were completed by mid september. They form a triangle with he earliest dresses at the back row and the last one at the very front. All the dresses were left on site in the garden to decompose over time, proving that even though they are “old” they are still beautiful.
Each dress was made with plant material from the woman’s garden, which is why they are all unique. It was especially challenging when i received fresh flowers and leaves that i had never worked with before but i discovered many great materials and techniques throught his process. The installation will be up until the end of October, 2012.

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Dress Tags

Each dress has it’s own tag with the name of the person it was made for.

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little green dress opening night

Video created by Martin Borden. Click on above link.  thank you to all.

Sylvie Godin doing Nita’s Makeup. Photo Regis Painchaud.

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Earth art turns VanDusen into palette and canvas | British Columbia.

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Opening Night

4 dresses were worn for the opening of the Earth Art exhibit at VanDusen: Kendra, Lori, Lorraine and Nita. Special thanks to Sylvie Godin for her fabulous makeup.

Lori in Lamb’s Ears.

Nita in Seaweed

Kendra in Cedar

Lorraine in Heucheras

Green Dresses in Urs Twellmann’s ” Zipper”

Sharon meets Sharon

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Dress Fittings

There will be 4 dresses worn by participants for the Earth Art Exhibition opening reception on Thursday August 2nd at VanDusen Botanical Garden. Here is Lorraine, who brought us her flowers and leaves and also tried on her armature for fitting. Photo by Regis Painchaud.

Lorraine getting her green dress fitted

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the first Little Green Dress is complete and onsite in the perennial garden at VanDusen


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Welcome to The Little Green Dress Projekt by artist Nicole Dextras.  Visit this site for updates, photos and messages as the project unfolds.

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