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The 21 dresses are now completed! The last one was Jérémie, which was made out of Crab-apples. Her favourite colour is red and she is the curator of a Land Art project in Quebec which is held in an apple orchard. I participated in this a few years ago with an installation called Pommes Maison– a skirt for a tree made of apples.

Jérémie: Crab-apples, Ligularia leaves and buds, Smoke Bush leaves, Maple leaves, Sweetgum seed pods, False Indigo seed pods, Hemp and Linen thread.

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Dress Tags

Each dress has it’s own tag with the name of the person it was made for.

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The other day while installing a new dress on site in the garden, the growing number reminded me of one of my favourite parts in the Greek myth of Cadmus where he plants dragon’s teeth into the ground they grow into an army of fully equipped soldiers! My hope with this project is that we are indeed marching towards sustainability.

View of dresses as of september 1st; 16 dresses completed.

View as of September 1

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