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Installation in the garden as of August 18, 2010.

To date there are 11 Little Green Dresses installed in the perennial garden at VanDusen Botanical Garden. The eventual formation will be a triangle, with the first and decomposing dresses at the back moving forward in decreasing number as each fresh dress is added. Many of the early dresses have lost leaves and have turned colour, which does not deter from their beauty and presence.

Mountain Ash berries dry out

Millet turns golden yellow

Huchera purple still vibrant where protected from the sun.

Once bright green Bamboo leaves are now a soft pale yellow as they curl and add another dimension to the sculpture

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little green dress opening night

Video created by Martin Borden. Click on above link.  thank you to all.

Sylvie Godin doing Nita’s Makeup. Photo Regis Painchaud.

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Earth art turns VanDusen into palette and canvas | British Columbia.

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Opening Night

4 dresses were worn for the opening of the Earth Art exhibit at VanDusen: Kendra, Lori, Lorraine and Nita. Special thanks to Sylvie Godin for her fabulous makeup.

Lori in Lamb’s Ears.

Nita in Seaweed

Kendra in Cedar

Lorraine in Heucheras

Green Dresses in Urs Twellmann’s ” Zipper”

Sharon meets Sharon

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